Sunday, May 18, 2008

Playlist #2: May 2008

Firstly, apologies for the hiatus. It's partly, though not entirely, explained by the fact that I bought an Xbox 360 the other day and have reached the stage where I've started having waking dreams about Halo 3 and twitching anxiously unless I can frag some demons, as the vernacular goes.

But anyway, here's the news: starting in a few days, I'll be embarking on a week of all-American activities. On Thursday, I'm going to New York for a long weekend. Who knows what will happen? On my return, I'm off to see the England football team get annihilated by play USA at Wembley. And then two days later, I'll be down the front (well, maybe in the middle) as Bruce Springsteen comes to London and shows the capital how you really do grizzled.

As eagle-eared listeners will notice, in honour of my imminent trip, this month's playlist has a slight NY tinge.

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