Wednesday, January 30, 2008

No Sun of mine

Wow, this is the most outrageously sexist bit of hokum I've read in quite some time.

In the wake of “outrage” over Holly Willoughby’s low-cut dress (viewers: 9.8 million, complaints: five), Britain's biggest selling newspaper The Sun has produced a “hilarious” breast-orientated TV listings feature. Here are two jawdroppingly awful extracts:

12.30pm Loose Women (ITV1)
More topical debate from these feisty female presenters... blah blah blah, whatever. Just hit the mute button, sit back and gawp at Coleen Nolan's marvellous hooters.

8.00pm Relocation, Relocation (C4)
While Phil is on the lookout for a family home in Felixstowe for ex-fireman Richard and his wife Laurie, Kirstie Allsopp is in Swindon showing off a cracking set of norks.

1 comment:

cogidubnus said...

But millions of red blooded males enjoyed the spectacle...Yes the dress was daring, but it certainly wasn't either indecent or obscene ... and if the lass has the figure for it (which she certainly has) then why not?

So why all the hypocritical media hoo-haa?

Word-pimps the lot of you!