Friday, January 18, 2008

Day 12, Himeji: The Castle in the Sky

We lucky few, we band of brothers, we stupid gaijin make our next move. It is to Himeji, home of Himeji Castle.

Some might know Himeji Castle as Japan's greatest surviving feudal castle, a classic of the Muromachi period. Some might remember it as Tiger Tanaka's ninja training school in You Only Live Twice. Either way, it is utterly grand.

After we've explored, it's sadly time for Dan and I to bid farewell to Birdy-san. As he walks off, we both begin to feel rather helpless. "Birdy! Come back, Birdy!" we shout. But it's no use: he has to get back to Tokyo.

We dejectedly journey to Hiroshima. This is perfect really: it's the kind of city that makes you shake off any vestiges of self-pity pretty rapidly.

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