Sunday, September 23, 2007

Leaves dropping

Ah, the leaving email - I've received a few classics in my time, some pretentious, some grandoise, some emotional. But none have bettered the one below. Its utter despondency and brutal honesty are a joy to behold, even a number of years on.

Hi Everyone,

At last my last day is here.

Thanks for everyone for making my time here better than it would be without you.

Although I leave with a shattered self esteem and disappointing level of personal and intellectual growth, I have at least, probably, been doing the worthy task in keeping ********** from complete failure for the last 10 months.

Thankfully today will be the last day I ever have to think about these fiendish things called "*************" and "*******" and eventually the scars will heal.

Please be patient with my replacement – it’s not his fault, and the sooner the above named things and all things associated with them are banished (replaced), the happier the world will be.

Goodbye to everyone, and thanks for being kind, patient and understanding.

[Name deleted].

PS. I recognise that I have personal problems that need to be addressed.

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