Monday, June 04, 2007

It's like a jungle, sometimes

Today, let's think about song titles, in particular how changing them can alter the feel and emphasis of the song itself. What normally happens is that a track will simply be named after the most repeated phrase in the song's chorus (I Predict a Riot, say) – but not always.

When the songwriter opts for the unlikely title, it seems odd at first, but it's not hard to get used to it. However, if for fun, we try and give these songs their other potential names, we find ourselves thinking about their meaning much more, as well as the writer's intentions. We also end up with what looks like a playlist from an alternative reality:

Woo Hoo - Blur

Stamp Out Your Fire – Happy Mondays

Sun is in the Sky – Lily Allen

It's a Gas, Gas, Gas – The Rolling Stones

Heroin is So Passe – Dandy Warhols

I Think I'm Cracking Up – Green Day

How Does It Feel? – Bob Dylan

Your Music's Shite – Oasis

I Wanna Be Anarchy - The Sex Pistols

Leaving Just in Time – The Strokes

Whatever – Take That

I Am Tired, I Am Weary - The Velvet Underground

You Know I Love You So – Coldplay

I Got Sunshine (In a Bag) - Gorillaz

I Say You Don't Know – Franz Ferdinand

It's Like A Jungle, Sometimes – Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five

These Plagued Streets of Pity – Manic Street Preachers

Mama - Queen

With the Lights Out – Nirvana


Anonymous said...

"Let's All Meet Up" - Pulp
"How Does It Feel" - New Order
"Hang The DJ" - The Smiths
"The Spider-Man" - The Cure
"They're Just Humans" - The Flaming Lips

aw yeah.

Will said...

"With All Your Power" - The Flaming Lips
"You Do It To Yourself" - Radiohead

Sue Ellen Mischke said...

I thought that song was called "Woo Hoo".

"It's What I Want" - Pavement
"Whatever Together"- Grandaddy
"I Will Always Love You" or "Whenever I'm Alone With You"- The Cure
"For a Minute There (I Lost Myself)- Radiohead
"It Wears Me Out"- Radiohead

This is an interesting idea. I could sit here for days looking at my iTunes writing alternative titles (just for Radiohead alone). Are you familiar with that Grandaddy song? It's actually called AM 180 for some reason. Something about that song makes me really sad, and seeing it with that title makes it even worse for some reason.

Peter Stritter said...

A Short Conversation:

“Somebody’s Waiting For Me At Home” -The Walkmen
“I’ll Go Back (If You Ask)” -Bloc Party
“I‘ll never take you back” -Pigeon Detectives

Edmund Hardy said...

Whiplash Girl-child In The Dark - The Velvet Underground

Curly said...

Doop - Doop.

Oh dear, I am crap at this game.