Friday, June 15, 2007

A complete absence of diggity

Hearing other people's dreams is usually excruciatingly tedious, but bear with me. Last night - back in Dorset, away from the roar of London traffic - I dreamt the following...

1) Arnold Schwartzenegger giving advice on how to pick up girls: "I get chatting to them, then I reel out some classic lines." Tadich and I then repeat the phrase "classic lines" with much glee.

2) A discussion on the meaning of the phrase "no diggity":
"What does 'no diggity' mean?"
"What it says: that there's no diggity."
"But what does that mean?"
"That there's a complete absence of diggity, anywhere."

3) A cross country run at my old school, which culminates in getting the actor Will Ferrell to autograph my copy of The Complete Poems of John Milton.

NB: For a correct definition of "diggity" and the absence of it, go here.

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