Wednesday, April 18, 2007

You are to blame

You don't know when to stop, do you? Back in the '60s, you rose to fame when Bob Dylan famously slagged you off in his song Positively 4th Street.

That kept you quiet for a few decades, until you had an almighty comeback in December 2006 when Time magazine named you person of the year.

However, in February you fell from grace, when The Mirror blamed you for the death of model Anna Nicole Smith.

And now, just when you thought things couldn't get any worse, in the aftermath of the Virginia Tech shootings, everyone is looking for a scapegoat. Some blame the police, some blame gun laws, some blame computer games. But again, The Mirror knows who's really responsible.

You never learn.

NB This post is an extended rewrite of a previous one. Do I look like I care? (Don't answer that.)


Afe said...

I feel so guilty. I think I'll go on a murderous rampage.

But then again, maybe I'll just drink a bottle of wine and cry myself to sleep again.

Wierdo said...

At least it's the Mirror thats discovered the seceret mostly (except this blog of course). I must flee before I am truly uncovered

birdwoman said...

This post makes me feel like I'm in a revivalist church service. You sinner, you.

(quite brilliant. I don't care if it's a reprint. I only got here by blog explosion)


Boz said...

I'm sure I have an alibi for at least two of those accusations.