Monday, April 23, 2007

Weekend thoughts

When I'm old, I would like to look grizzled. Is a regular smoking habit likely to make me more or less grizzled? Hopefully the answer is less grizzled; if more, then I'll have to up my cigarette intake – and then the grizzled factor will be offset by the inevitable early cancerous death. Thus, I won't appear grizzled for very long.


Clearing out the stuff stored under my bed – I'm in the process of packing to move house – I come across an old English Lit essay accompanied by many files of notes. Then an old A4 refill pad. Oddly, both the A4 refill pad itself and the phrase "A4 refill pad" have become strange to me; how much life has changed since the glory days of academia!


Also, an old journal. An outdated concept indeed - imagine a blog, but on paper. This one begins at the end of 2003 and ends at the start of August 2005, with not all that much in between. One entry mentions that "The last official bare-knuckle fight was in 1889 between John L. Sullivan and Jake Kilrain." I always did love my trivia.

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* (asterisk) said...

A blog. But on paper. Quaint.