Tuesday, April 24, 2007

How does it feel?

Rolling Stone put up some quality audio clips of the magazine's co-founder Jann Wenner interviewing Bob Dylan (spotted by James).

I was going to link to the page, but they've taken it down, the fools. Shame, the clips were really good, with some hilarious role reversal going on; the first one had Wenner coming across as the moody one who Dylan was trying to impress, rather than the other way round. At one stage Dylan asks Wenner if he'd ever noticed how upbeat some of the postwar popular music songs are. "No," replies Wenner, sounding fed up.

Luckily I transcribed another bit before they were consigned to the cyber graveyard...

Jann Wenner: [exasperated] I’m trying to interview you.
Bob Dylan: I know.
JW: And you’re not being very helpful with this.
BD: Jann, have I ever been helpful?
JW: Well, you have in the past - you’ve given some really great interviews in the past several years.
BD: Well I wasn’t on tour when I was doing it you know, I could be fully present for your interviews. But now, I’m thinkin’ about amps going out and y’know...
JW: You don’t have people taking care of those for you?
BD: You would hope.
JW: So you can’t find a good road man, is that the problem here?


James K said...

Dylan is such a tease in interviews. Check my blog for the lyrics to the new Dylan song, 'Huck's Tune'.

Afe said...

I just went to see Bobby boy recently at Wembley - pretty good show. There's a review on my blog somewhere.

Will said...

So did I Afe! The Sunday night?

Kieran said...

I never tire of reading these.

Afe said...

I went on Monday night :)

He seemed a little listless - I think you may have worn him out with your incessant watching the night before.