Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Barry on regardless

Speaking of Ricky Gervais, there was an awesome interview with the hapless Shaun Williamson, aka 'Barry out of Eastenders', in Sunday's Observer (by Carole Cadwalladr):

...as I discover, Williamson is not really one for talking himself up. He's at pains to point out his failures, and even when we've finished the interview and go off to do the photos, he can't stop dragging up even more stories of humiliation and disgrace.

'Where's your suit from?' I ask him.

'Endemol bought it for me when I was hosting this ITV reality quiz, 24 Hour Quiz.'

'Oh, I think I must have missed that.'

'You and everyone else.'

'When was it on?'

'ITV primetime. Don't worry, nobody saw it. Apart from the critics who ripped me to pieces. It was shortly after I left EastEnders and I didn't say no to anything. So by day I was the host of a quizshow that nobody was watching and by night I was dressed up as a lady-boy on Gender Swap. They turned me into a woman and Carol Smillie into a man. The prosthetics were not good. Not good at all. I looked like a fat tranny. They sent me out speed-dating and it was the longest night of my life. Awful. Awful.'

'It's very Barry,' I say.

'It's all very Barry,' he says. 'Dressed as a fat tranny going speed-dating. Can you imagine it? And a couple of fellas picked me and then they found out it was Barry. It was terrible. Truly terrible. One of them wanted to kill me.'

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Will said...

And more, speaking of his time on EastEnders:

"It is a very comfortable place to work but you're totally controlled, and I'd spent nine years playing the village idiot. Still," he says, "it had its good points."

Like what?

"I got voted off first on The Weakest Link and I didn't get any stick for it because everyone thought I was thick anyway."

Will said...

One more. Stephen Merchant, speaking of Shaun's part in Extras:

"There's a scene where I made him eat cake," says Merchant. "And he just adlibbed this line. As he was leaning down to eat it, he said, 'Hello cake' and it just cracked us up. It was such a brilliant piece of comic timing."

Huw said...

Just doing some Electric Goose catch up. What a bittersweet interview.