Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Answering back

Some retaliatory quips I’ve enjoyed recently.

Context: Kearns is talking to his Chinese friend and wants to enquire about an acquaintance. Unfortunately he can’t remember the girl’s name, or her racial origin.

Kearns: Is that girl coming along? The, er, oriental one?
Friend: Oriental? She’s not a fucking takeaway.

Source: Kearns

Context: A middle-aged woman on the bus; a man sitting behind her opens his paper rather noisily and the woman turns round.

Woman: I don’t like your paper in my hair.
Man: I don’t like your hair in my paper.

Source: Diaries 1996-2004, Alan Bennett

Context: Erin Driscoll has just fired Jack Bauer from his job at CTU.

Erin Driscoll: I’ve made several calls, I can help you get a position.
Jack Bauer: I can find my own fucking job Erin. Thank you.

Source: 24 series 4 DVD box set

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