Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Russell Brand: the greatest TV presenter of all time

This post is slightly old hat now – can you even remember Celebrity Big Brother? – and for that I apologise. But Russell Brand, presenter of Celebrity Big Brother’s Big Mouth, deserves some praise for being the most articulate and witty lowbrow television presenter of his generation.

His show on Thursday wasn’t even halfway through and he’d still managed to use the words “impresario”, “ecoutez”, “ballbags”, “rhubarb” and “conch” without breaking a sweat. An ex-heroin addict turned stand-up comedian, the man is a walking advert for quitting smack. Or starting, then kicking the habit. (Unless you’re under the age of 12.)

If you thought the combination of Pete Burns and Dennis Rodman wasn’t weird enough, on Thursday, the producers managed to get nightclub owner/sleazebag Peter Stringfellow live on the phone to speak directly to evicted housemate George (sorry, I mean MP George Galloway). I have no idea why.

Anyway, Stringfellow is on the line to tell Galloway that he’s failed in his aim to bring politics to the youth. “I hadn’t heard of you until the Iraq thing,” says Stringfellow. “The Iraq thing!” repeats Brand, chuckling with disbelief.

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